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Who We Are

Toro GroupS Ltd. is a company specialized in delivering various HR services: Recruitment, Talent Assessment & Development, Payroll & HR Administration outsource.

Since its establishment in the year 2000, the company has been working with all kinds of businesses – international and local companies in all business sectors.

Since 2010 we do projects related to the IT business sector.

IT Practice Group

We not only make recruitment of C, C++, C#, Java, Go, JavaScript, Python, QA/QC, DevOps, and any other role found in an IT company.

We follow the development of the technology sector, and we learn and adopt from it. 

Did you know that we use Agile (Scrum) in our delivery or HR services?

Team ITS Toro GroupS

Our History Milestones


Toro GroupS Ltd. establishment

In early 2000 the company was established. With only 2 employees, and a lot of passion. Toro GroupS is one of the very first specialized HR companies established in Bulgaria.



Became associated member of Friisberg & Partners international

Toro GroupS received full membership within the international headhunting organization Friisberg & Partners International.



Becoming official partner of Saville

We became the official partner of Saville Consulting. We assisted prof. Saville’s company to develop its psychometric tests – we translated and validated them for the Bulgarian market.



First IT recruitment project

Our first IT recruitment project  was successfully delivered.



First IT Outsourcing project

The first IT outsourcing project was started.
It included a full set of outsourcing services – staff leasing with payroll, administration, office rent & furnishing, computer equipment, etc.



Celebrating 20 successful years

We are celebrating 20 successful years as a HR consulting company. More experienced and aspiring into the future than ever.


We stop at nothing

We have been through so many projects and business challenges. And we learned to never give up. We stop at nothing and continue emerging as a better version of ourselves after each summit conquered.

We Love To Explore​

The service of finding and developing talent is a never-ending journey. Always different, and always evolving – just as people are.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Success requires focus and a systematic approach. That is why we have developed our own standard for providing high quality HR services. And we follow it meticulously.

We Keep It Simple

We try to keep things simple. We constantly evaluate what matters most to our clients. And we change accordingly by following the lean practices.

Our Mission

Business solutions with human face

Toro Group is not a brand, capital or know-how but a team of people, who follow their talents and dreams, who example commitment, loyalty, ambition and team spirit, and who believe that the business in Bulgaria could and must have a human face.

Part of our Crew specializes in delivering tailored HR services for the IT industry

Meet Our Amazing Team

Irena Petrova

Founder & Managing Director

Nevena Nikolova

Executive Director

Delyan Grozdev

HR Consultant

Georgi Mirchev

HR Consultant

Nadezhda Miteva

HR Consultant

We build synergies to deliver you the best value

Our Partners & Memberships

We join forces with the best in the business to deliver you a world-class service. We also maintain our membership in the organizations who represent the service providers within our field of expertise. Following the best practices has always been crucial part of our DNA.

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