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The human capital of a company is what counts at the end of the day. All great ideas, high-quality & polished products, services bringing returning happy customers are delivered by your people. The talent you found, brought on board, inspired, and retained. Your Talent.

What we excel at is in supporting you in bringing up this crucial pillar of your business.

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We are here to solve your hR Hurdles

Most recruitment agencies aim to supply CVs containing some key words you gave them with your job profile. They distribute CVs.

We have been doing direct search & headhunting for years, and we know the craft of researching, uncovering, and approaching the exact professionals you need.

Probably they have hard time understanding the specifics of  the IT industry. Keeping up-to-date with all the industry-related terminology, and understanding your technical and soft-skills requirements needs dedication, focus and approach. We have them. 

We invest significant time in improving our own expertise, and we also spend time with our customers and partners to understand their business.

If you are in the commodity business of distributing resumes it means you needs to have as many projects as possible. Committing to a time-frame becomes impossible.

We focus on taking as many projects as we can deliver. We follow our process, we provide constant feedback, regular detailed reports, and we stick to initially agreed schedule.

Once again – being in the commodity business of distributing CVs requires big number of projects and clients in order to monetize “the commodity”. But those recruiters should also  commit to respecting the off-limits rule. You’d be right to call this conflict of interests. If your recruiting agency works with everyone how can you expect them to bring you candidates from those companies? The ones you are interested in?

We are not in the commodities business. We tend to work with smaller number of customers, but deliver them what they need. Is that what you were looking for?

Recruitment might be very important, especially in fast-paced IT business environment. But you need more in order to have a winning team. We are open to discuss with you all kind of people related needs and we have the capacity to create HR solutions that fits you perfectly.

We have huge experience when it comes to providing tailor-made solutions related to talent development. Leadership academies, soft-skills trainings, individual coaching are our specialty. And it all start with proper analysis and assessment in order to insure that all the development efforts and resources are invested in the right direction.

Your current structure is not corresponding to your business needs? Your culture and values need to be clarified, promoted or strengthen? Or you are planning to adopt permanently the work from anywhere practice? We are here to guide you through your organizational change.

And what’s best, is that we can help with your organization’s and talents’ needs diagnostics and analyzes.

Setting up, learning to run and manage all HR processes can be tricky. Especially when it is at your own expense.

You may easily solve this by using HR Outsourcing. We have experience A-to-Z when it comes to labor regulation compliance, payroll administration, office rent, personnel leasing, talent management etc., etc.

Leave everything to us, and focus on your revenue-generating core business!

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Why Choose Us

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